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Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Top 5: Mario Memes

Before we start, let me say that I'm sorry for not posting in forever. I've been busy with school lately. However, now that it's Summer, I'll try to post more often.

Welcome to another Top 5 post where I (obviously) post my top five favorite things about Mario topics. For the first one, go here:

So let's start.

1. Weegee

Is there anything as... odd as this?

How it was Made: The picture of Weegee was created after Luigi's weird sprite in Mario is Missing!

Why it's a Good Meme: I take the advantage of every bad game I can. Most of the Mario Edutainment games are pretty bad. Not Hotel Mario level, but still pretty bad. A perfect example of this is Weegee. The Luigi sprite from Mario is Missing! was creepy enough to become famous on the internet for a long time.