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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mario Kart 64/ 8 Advertisements

Now before you don't read this, it's advertisements in the game. Not ones that air on TV.

Anyway, we need to actually get started. So today I'm going to talk about the advertisements in Mario Karts 64 and 8. So let's start talking about Mario Kart 64.

The advertisements are pretty clever in this game. Well, at least in the Japanese version the are. Take a look:

MarioKartSponsor Luigip.JPG
As you can very plainly see, these are spoofing real companies: Koopa Air is making fun of Goodyear with the color scheme, Luigip is parodying Agip,  Marioro is poking fun at Marlboro and Yoshi 1 is mocking Mobil 1. Now we need to talk about one specific sign in Mario Kart 8:
The Shy Guy Metals sign in Mario Kart 8.
This is actually making two references to the Mario series. First, the Shy Guy Metals company is seen in Shy Guy Falls:
Notice the jewels in the mine cart are the same as
the one in the sign's illustration.
The other thing is when Shy Guy Metals started: 1987. Recognize that date? It's when Shy Guys were first interduced in Doki Doki Panic.
So that's a little bit about the ads in two of the Mario Kart games. Tell me if you find any more secrets hidden in the advertisements!
However, keep checking my blog for more Mario related content!

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