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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Miscolored Pipe's 20th POST!! The Whomp Revisited: IN MOVIE FORMAT

Alright, so the title is very weird. But what's clear about it is it's our 20TH POST!!! So I'm going to "Revisit" my Whomp post. So sure, it's the same post, but now it's a video! And it's actually cool looking. Here's Miscolored Pipe's 20th post:

Thanks for watching and keep checking for my next "special" post: the 30th!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Best Retro Gaming Comebacks of All Time (Super Smash Bros 4 3DS/ Wii U)

The three retro newcomers (kind of).
You can't believe how excited I am for this game. I wasn't able to order the Japanese version, but this game looks really cool. Even though this technically isn't a Mario game, it's still a game with Mario in it (as a main character). Plus I've been trying to do this post for a long time. So let's start.

Even though Pac-Man and Little Mac aren't technically counted as "retro", when you think of Little Mac and Pac-Man, you don't think of "Arm Wrestling" (yes, that's a real game in the Punch Out series) and "Pac-Man Pinball Arrangement". You think of the original "Pac-Man" and the third game in the series, "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" (or the arcade Punch Out or whatever). So I count them as "retro".

Anyway, time to finally get back on task. So the other person is... wait- WHAT!?

SSB3DS Duck Hunt unlock.png
If you guys can't read Japanese (like me) that says DUCKHUNT. And that's the Duckhunt Dog and a blue duck from the NES game "Duck Hunt". But that's not all. There's also people from "Aggon's Ally" and "Wild Gunman" included in not only attacks, but also his final smash. The only problem with these two is the Dog's laugh has changed to the very annoying and taunting beeping to a less annoying and very quiet actual laugh. That's not really a bad thing, but that's his trademark and you can barely even hear the laugh under the music. However, when I found out this wasn't a rumor, I wouldn't stop asking for the game! Unfortunately, I have to wait until Christmas.
Still, on to Pac-Man. I love how they not only incorporated the classic Pac-Man into this, but also other retro Namco games. Games like "Galaga", "Mappy", even "Don-Chan"! I just love Pac-Man. But that's not even the coolest part: his final smash is he turns into Super Pac-Man and eats the other contestants. They even turn into a pair of eyes like the ghosts!
The final character is Little Mac, who even though is cool to have in SSB4, it's not really that exciting. I mean, it's better than his unfortunate appearance in Captain Rainbow where he's super obese, but they didn't really do anything to him. Sure, Doc Martin and Giga Mac are in it, but otherwise he's just punching. However, I do like the fact that he's returning.
I do like this outfit, though.
In conclusion, I'm very excited about these retro characters, even though they each have at least one downfall. But I really want this game and I'll definitely do another post on this game. However, next post is very special, for it's my 20th post! See you there!
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mario Kart 64/ 8 Advertisements

Now before you don't read this, it's advertisements in the game. Not ones that air on TV.

Anyway, we need to actually get started. So today I'm going to talk about the advertisements in Mario Karts 64 and 8. So let's start talking about Mario Kart 64.

The advertisements are pretty clever in this game. Well, at least in the Japanese version the are. Take a look:

MarioKartSponsor Luigip.JPG
As you can very plainly see, these are spoofing real companies: Koopa Air is making fun of Goodyear with the color scheme, Luigip is parodying Agip,  Marioro is poking fun at Marlboro and Yoshi 1 is mocking Mobil 1. Now we need to talk about one specific sign in Mario Kart 8:
The Shy Guy Metals sign in Mario Kart 8.
This is actually making two references to the Mario series. First, the Shy Guy Metals company is seen in Shy Guy Falls:
Notice the jewels in the mine cart are the same as
the one in the sign's illustration.
The other thing is when Shy Guy Metals started: 1987. Recognize that date? It's when Shy Guys were first interduced in Doki Doki Panic.
So that's a little bit about the ads in two of the Mario Kart games. Tell me if you find any more secrets hidden in the advertisements!
However, keep checking my blog for more Mario related content!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Top 5 Mario Characters Who Should be Playable in the Smash Bros. Series

I know that the characters for SSB4 are already confirmed, but I've decided to do this post anyway, just in case they make new characters. So I've decided to do this topic to say who I want to be in it. I'm also going to list possible Final Smashes for each person. By the way, this is in order from least wanted to most wanted. Enjoy!

5. Petey Piranha

Petey Piranha from Mario Super Sluggers.
I feel Petey Piranha would be a great character for SSB. He's a huge, strong, man-eating plant-like humanoid. And if you think he looks non-threatening, look at him in SSBB:
I feel bad for poor Kirby.
His final smash could be he can shoot the brown goo from Sunshine and it can hurt people. He could also be invincible while he's spitting goo.
So if you think Petey isn't that strong, think again...
4. Waluigi
Waluigi from Mario Party 9.

Waluigi isn't that strong, but he is mean and rude. He can use the tennis racquet, punches, kicks and other abilities he's done in previous games.
His final smash could be like Solid Snake's in SSBB. He could come up to the front of the screen and fires tennis balls at other people.
Otherwise, he'd be pretty useless...
...oh well.
3. False Bowser


Tanooki Bowser.png
Bowser... Maybe?
Sure, this is a weird character, but roll with it for a second.
So False Bowser has actually been in a lot of games, but it's hard to tell. However, his first appearance was in the one, the only Super Mario Bros.In world 1, it was really a Goomba, in world 2, a Green Koopa Troopa, then a Buzzy Beetle, then a Spiny, then a Lakitu, then a Blooper and finally, a Hammer Bro. Yeah, there's a lot of false Bowsers.
It's rumored that False Bowsers are created by using spells put on by Bowser to create another Bowser for Mario to defeat while not killing the real Bowser, so when all of these Bowsers are spread across the Mushroom Kingdom, the real Bowser is safe while Mario is still fighting Bowser, just not the real one.
Or, as Mario Wiki says:
"The False Bowsers are various species that were transformed by Bowser's black magic."
Well, I should of said something shorter, like that.
Anyway, his final smash could be he creates multiple other False Bowsers that act like CPUs on your team (of course, they would need to have a different color pallet than the one you're playing as).
Well, enough said about False Bowser.
2. Captain Toad
Captain Toad from his upcoming game, "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker".
I don't care if this is another odd character, but I want him in Smash Bros.! Nintendo is making him more and more of a main character, like what they're doing to Rosalina, so eventually I believe he'll be a main character.
His final smash could be he can fly around in the Starshroom and could shoot stars or something. Plus, he could be fast with an average jump. I feel he'll be fun to play with.
Now, a person who multiple people want to be in the Smash series and who should definitely make a 3-D return from the retro games...
1. Wart, the leader of the 8-Bits and enemy of Subcon
Wart, the best retro Mario boss (in my opinion).

Sure, this is overdone and obvious. So sue me (not really because those aren't actual offenses).
So Wart has only appeared in three games as a main character (not counting remakes, but counting both Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2): Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic; Super Mario Bros. 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (known as Mamu, his Japanese name). How awesome would it be to appear as a playable character and not 8-Bit!?
His final smash could be he sends Phantos to fly around and hurt people. They could also follow people.
And that's my Top 5 Mario characters who should be in SSB4 or in the future. Who knows? Maybe they will be in it...
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Thoughts on New Super Luigi U (Plus a Very Special Announcement!)

So let's start this post off with a very exciting subject that will make this blog way easier to write for me. So if you remember my birthday post I never mentioned any presents that I got. So let me show you a picture of a present I got:
The present.

Well, the picture isn't that great, but you can sort of tell it's a black Wii. However, it's not. It's a Wii U! I got one! So now I can do better posts and explain my thoughts on new and new-ish games! Let's start!
So I'm starting off with probably my favorite Wii U game: New Super Luigi U. This game has challenging levels, a very strict time limit and my second favorite character in the Mario series (1. Petey Piranha 2. Nabbit 3. King Boo) as a playable character for free ( Nabbit was downloadable in Mario Golf: World Tour. You had to pay to unlock him along with Toadette, Rosalina and Gold Mario)! This game is just awesome.
Another thing I like about this game is the secrets. I think it's cool to add secret Luigis to every level and have secret levels (like most games, really). The only bad secret: The secret ending was terrible.
I'm sorry I cant's find a picture of it, but you guys might know that you can play as Nabbit by holding ZL while selecting a level. If you complete the last level as Nabbit, you get a secret ending. What is it? The same ending with Nabbit hiding in the top right corner. It's pretty dumb, but trust me: it's way easier to play as Nabbit. You can't get hurt, you can only die from falling into a pit, being crushed or being burnt and every item you collect turns into 1-ups at the end.
So that's my review of New Super Luigi U. Sure, I'm pretty late to review this, but it was still fun to do and I hope you guys like it. Also, now I'm even more excited about the Wii U, even though I've had it for eight days! Have fun playing this game and celebrating a late year of Luigi!
However, don't spend all your time playing! Keep checking my blog for more awesome Mario content!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy 15th Post/ Birthday to Me!

Here it is, guys! I've been planning this for about two weeks! I made...

A Mario Mural!

My Mario Mural!
Today I'm turning twelve! Also, we're celebrating the 15th post! Congratulations to us! Well, I hope you guys like the mural and thanks for waiting five days for this!
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Mario Maker: A New Type of Creativity

Sure, Nintendo has made creativity games before, but never like this.

Welcome back to the 15th post/ birthday celebration. Now I'm going to talk about a game that hasn't even come out yet! I know that sounds crazy, especially because this game isn't coming out until next year. Anyway, today we're talking about Mario Maker and how it's different from other creative games.

So what do you do in Mario Maker? You get to make Super Mario levels. I know, it sounds pretty fun to me just hearing that, but listen to this: You can make either the old style games or the new games. It's just a cool feature.
An old-style level.
The same level, only new-style.
Another cool feature is you can make towers of enemies. And not just Goombas. Para-Koopas, Hammer Bros., Piranha Plants,  Para- Hammer Bros., Para- Piranha Plants and more. And yes, Para- Hammer Bros. and Para- Piranha Plants. Sounds awesome.
The last thing is a new item that I'm actually revisiting from the very first article ever. The Luigi Shroom.
Here's what I said about the Luigi Shroom: "You see, this amazing yet useless item is based on a glitch that's not that famous. In the original Mario plat former, Super Mario Bros., there was a bug during development that made Mario really skinny, like Luigi. I'm pretty sure Nintendo put this in kind of as a joke, but I don't have any proof that they did. All I know is this item is based on that glitch and I don't see how it can be useful whatsoever."
Sure, I feel this item is useless, but I still like it. It's just neat.
Also Undodog comes back (Mario Paint)!
Tune in July 27th for my surprise to celebrate my 12th birthday and my 15th post!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Super Mario Bros. U: The Useless Acorn

The new super acorn power seems very useful when you first see it. Why would Nintendo give us a power we don't want? For marketing. That's why.

Hey guys! Welcome back to the 15th post/ birthday countdown! Today we're talking about the Super Acorn. So this power makes you able to fly. Sounds great! You can also stick to walls. Perfect! However, how is this power useful? Let's talk about this power for a second.
WiiU NewMarioU 4 item01 E3.png
The Super Acorn.

You can fly over obstacles and villains easily. Great! But what other power can you use to not only fly but also hurt enemies way easier? Oh yeah! The Tanooki and Raccoon suits! Why not just add that power, Nintendo?

Raccoon Mario - New Super Mario Bros 2.png
Just add the Raccoon suit again.
And who cares about sticking to walls? There's barely any walls in Mario games anyway! The only time sticking to walls would come in handy is to dodge the Koopalings shells. It's hard to even get through a castle with an item in tact the whole time anyway! I just feel this is useless. Nintendo, get rid of this item. The only reason this was made was to say that there was a new item for marketing. I feel this item is useless and if you disagree, please don't post flames to me.
However, tune in tomorrow for Mario Maker!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mario Kart 8: Best Mario Kart Game Ever?

Before we start this post, I need to say something important that will celebrate my birthday and our fifteenth post. I'm going to post a new post each day talking about Wii U games up until July 27th. Once July 27th comes, I'll have a surprise for my viewers to celebrate (once again) my birthday and the fifteenth post! Let's start with Mario Kart 8.

So today I'm going to talk about MK8 being the best Mario Kart ever. Or maybe being the worst. Or in the middle. Let's just see how it goes.

So I hate the idea of Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach. At least the other babies are in games! And Metal Mario is also in a game (although I disapprove Gold Mario (Mario Golf: World Tour downloadable pack)). I just hate these characters.

Yup. They're real.
Another thing I don't like is the new Rainbow Road. It's too plain. You're on a rainbow (as usual) and you go on a space station. Then you're on a rainbow for the rest of the time. You don't even use the anti-gravity feature that much! And you're in outer space! I just don't see it being that great.
MK8- Rainbow Road.PNG
The new Rainbow Road.

However, the other courses look awesome. The one that looks coolest to me is Twisted Mansion. Probably because Boos are my second favorite enemy. Also Bouldergeist is in it! I also like Shy Guy Falls and Cloudtop Cruise. By the way, I still don't have a Wii U (I asked for this game and a Wii U for my birthday) but I played Cloudtop Cruise on a demo, so let's talk about it.
Cloudtop Cruise.
Cloudtop Cruise is great and I like how it's themed on Super Mario Galaxy. The music is great, the lightning is great, and I like being fired out of the cannon into the air like we're being gotten rid of. I also like how we get to explore the airships more (but not as much as Airship Cruiser from Mario Kart DS). I also like the vine coming out of the ? box. I just really like this stage.
So in my opinion, I do think this is the best Mario Kart game ever. I also like the anti-gravity feature, I like the Koopalings (I finally get to play as Lemmy!) and I like the new courses (and the recurring ones). So this seems like the best MK game ever.
Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow for New Super Mario Bros. U!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Super Mario 3D World: Back to the Past

As most of you know, Super Mario 3D World is chock full of references. There's (once again) too many to name, but I'll name some of the Mario ones (not Legend of Zelda).

Mario Bros.: The game Luigi Bros. is almost a exact replica of Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.: Luigi sprites from this game can be found through out the game.

One of the hidden Luigis. Look closely in the background to find Luigi swimming on "Bowser's Highway Showdown".

Super Mario Bros. 2: Peach can float in the air for a limited amount of time like in SMB2.

Super Mario Bros. 3: The Game Over (Too Bad!) Music is shared.

Super Mario World: Chargin' Chucks and Galoombas return!
Chargin' Chucks return in Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario Kart: The level Mount Must Dash is said to take place on Mario Circuit, having the same graphics and soundtrack (well, it's remixed).
Super Mario 64/ 64 DS: The music that plays when riding on Plessie is the same when riding on a slide in Super Mario 64 (DS).
Super Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: The Fuzzy Horde also makes a triumphant return!
New Super Mario Bros.: Riding in Koopa shells return, similar to the blue shell power-up.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Characters going into bubbles return.
Super Mario 3D Land: Tons of items, enemies and more come from this game.
So there's some of the Mario references in a Mario game. Thanks for reading this!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stamp Pictures: Super Mario 3D World

No, I still don't have a Wii U (reference to the first post) but that doesn't stop me! I used my computer to make an awesome stamp pictures!

I think I'm going to do six of these pictures for each game. Mario Kart 8, here I come!
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Questions on Mario: Do Bloopers Have Mouths?

Bloopers are my favorite enemy. I know in the last post I said Boos were, but really Bloopers are. I have no idea why. But anyway, I have a question that doesn't pop up a lot: Do Bloopers have mouths?

A Blooper. As you can see, no mouth.
So there you don't see a mouth. How about here?
A Blooper from Super Mario Sunshine. Wait... is that a mouth?

Sure. One game has a Blooper that has a mouth. It could just be a model that Bloopers were going to look like. But what about in Mario Kart? Take a look at this picture.
Baby Luigi Artwork - Mario Kart 8.png
That Blooper totally has a mouth. Look closely at where the ink is coming from.
Also, here's a quote from Mario Wiki (just go with a wiki this one time):

"Bloopers can squirt ink from inside its tentacles in some appearances, especially in Paper Mario, although in other appearances, such as artwork from Mario Kart, they are depicted squirting ink from a small mouth located near the eyes."

Repeat the last part.

" -in other appearances, such as artwork from Mario Kart, they are depicted squirting ink from a small mouth located near the eyes."

So, as you can see, Bloopers do have small mouths. And trust me, there's a lot more interesting stuff about these guys.

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My Top 5 Shy Guys

I know this is an odd topic, but I just love Shy Guys too much to turn this down. So now I'll explain my top 5 Shy Guys.

5. Dancing Spear Guy

Spear Guy.gif
A Dancing Spear Guy from
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
I'm honestly not quite sure why I love these guys. I just kind of like the idea of a tribal type of Shy Guy and the dancing makes it funny (with the butt shaking and all). Plus, in Yoshi's New Island for 3DS, I can never get past these guys! There so hard (either that, or I'm just not good enough for these awesome villains).
4. Boo Guy
PiT Boo Guy.gif
A Boo Guy from Mario & Luigi: Partners
in Time
I just can't believe there's an enemy that's a Shy Guy and a Boo mixed. Boos are my favorite enemy (followed by Chain- Chomps and Shy Guys). Mixing two of my favorite enemies? This is one of the best enemies of all time in any game to me (maybe in my top 15), but we still have three Shy Guys to go. Nintendo, just saying, you made a beautiful enemy.
3. Greaper
SMRPG Greaper.jpg
Greaper from Super Mario RPG: Legend
of the Seven Stars
This is just a neat idea. I think it's really cool to mix a famous (and creepy) mythological creature and a cute (well, not really) creature. I've never played this game, so I don't have much to talk about, but it's also cool that you find them in a sunken ship.
2. Shy Guy Ghost (Luigi's Mansion)
A Shy Guy Ghost in Luigi's Mansion
I know this is my third ghost on this list, but these were just too perfect (and this one kind of creeps me out... ugh). Well, I'm only talking about the Luigi's Mansion one, because it has no eye holes in the mask. This is cool and creepy. Plus, you can suck up the mask and see glowing eyes and a mouth- hole. This is the closest to seeing a Shy Guy's face ever.

And now, time for my favorite Shy Guy of all time...
1. Fat Guy
Artwork of a Fat Guy from
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
I can't explain how much I love this character. He just looks funny, he gives you giant eggs and has made a cameo in a game (Mario Party DS). The only problem is he hasn't been in a game since 2007 and it was that one cameo. But hey, maybe Nintendo doesn't like this character. I'm just hoping he'll come back.
1995- 2007
But hey, I can't blame Nintendo. They already make up for it by keeping all of these other Shy Guys.
Want more awesome posts? Well, if you're a blogger like me, you should know that it's hard to think of small topics related to a bigger topic. So you guys could give me ideas in the comments.
By the way, the reason I'm starting this comment thing is because I haven't posted in a long time so I need more ideas.
So start thinking of a topic and I might do it!
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Games and Culture: The Whomp in Japanese Folklore

Whomps are one of my favorite enemies. Although they're not as famous as their Thwomp cousins, they were still good enough to have a king. However, are these the lovable, angry walking pavement pieces we all remember or a terrifying beast who tries to get harmless travelers and explorers lost? Well, let's find out.

The creature we know is a giant wall with a very mad face and is very cartoony and actually kind of funny looking. However, the creature is Japanese myths is the creepy Nurikabe, a beast with a very powerful force...

to turn into a wall.

A representation of the Nurikabe in it's purest form.
So how do you defat a giant wall blocking your path? Tap it in the bottom corner!
How do you defeat a giant Whomp blocking your path? Tap it's back with your backside!
So, Whomps could be based on these creatures in Japanese culture. There's many other Japanese culture references in Mario, but we'll save those for another time!
However, while you're waiting, keep checking my blog for more awesome Mario posts!

Questions on Mario: Is Mario Human?

If you remember my last post ( see "Why Mario Isn't a Hero") we hated on Mario a lot. We're continuing this anti-Mario rant with an odd topic I don't see a lot. That's why this "Questions on Mario" is on Mario not being a human.

Let's look at our subject:

Mario, Peach, Luigi and Toad in Super Mario 3D World
Normal, right? Well, let's look at him in the Mario Kart series:
Cheep-Cheep Lagoon from Mario Kart 7
Well, I couldn't find a picture with Mario in it, but you go underwater... with no oxygen supply or helmet or anything. You just breath in the water, like it's no big deal, like everyone does it. Then there's the space level.

The second newest Rainbow Road.

So you can breath in no oxygen or water. But just because someone's lungs are abnormal, doesn't mean we need to stop. Let's talk mushrooms for a second. If you eat a mushroom, do you grow big? You can see where this is going.
"NOW I CAN CRUSH ALL HUMANITY! I mean- Let's-a go!"

The final piece of evidence is... he can FLY?
Yep, by becoming a raccoon, a tanooki or by wearing a hat with wings.
So is your hero human? Well, this is just my theory. Feel free to try to back me up or prove me wrong in the comments below.
Also, keep checking my blog for more awesome news about Mario!
Due to being too lazy, just look at Mario Wiki for the references.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Mario Isn't a Hero


Most people would argue the fact that Mario could be a villain, saving the princess and all. However, after doing research (and lots of it), I discovered Mario has taken part in animal cruelty, murders, and even sexual content.
  1. Mario takes part in animal cruelty. In his second game, mainly starring the character Donkey Kong ( that's in italics because that's the game I'm talking about) Mario actually abuses Donkey Kong, who's unfortunately Mario's pet. Anyway,  in the game, Mario actually beats DK and Donkey Kong got angry so he took Pauline (I'll talk about her in my next topic). Mario fixes this by beating DK on the head with a hammer and goes to kissing his girlfriend.

Mario with a hammer.

    Also, in the Game & Watch series, there's a game called "Donkey Kong Circus". In the game, you're Donkey Kong balancing on a barrel. You need to juggle pineapples while avoiding being burnt by the torches. Oh yeah, if you get burnt, Mario laughs at you. Super Mario Wiki claims: "This game may be set as a prequel to the original Donkey Kong, since it is said that it was Mario who unwittingly started the conflict by mistreating his pet."
    Game & Watch's "Donkey Kong Circus"
2. Mario cheats on three girls at once. Of course, Mario and Peach have something going on. But what about Daisy? Pauline? Well, you guys already know about Mario cheating on Pauline for Peach, but in Super Mario Land, at the end, you kiss Daisy... on the lips!
Who would kiss this terrifying thing!?
3. Mario Murders the toads. In the original Mario plat former, the manual suggested that King Koopa (Bowser) turned all of the Mushroom Kingdom's inhabitants into brick blocks.
Wait. the same blocks we destroy to get money and items? Seems kind of extreme just to save one of your three girlfriends.
One of the blocks (toads) you can destroy (kill)
And trust me. Mario does even worse things that what I've mentioned.
Have I convinced you?
However, also keep checking my blog for more awesome posts on Mario!